We are Bristol Website Design

We have nearly 20 years of creating feature rich and exciting websites that help to promote a product, service or brand.


Who I am.

Having been made redundant from the medical sales industry, I decided to put my passion for design, computing, problem solving and meeting people to use and so I created Bristol Website Design. I am a great believer in continuous personal development and as such, I am always keen to learn new methods and ideas regarding all things web design and digital marketing. This translates into a better result for my customers who are always happy to recommend me.

Paul Titmuss

Website designer

Website design

From simple websites displaying your company details to fully interactive portals for your company, products and services. Having a website can boost business by creating a place for your prospective customers to see your work, find out about your services and get in touch. In this digital age it is now no longer sufficient to have an ad in the local paper or a listing in the Yellow Pages! With most people researching online either on their smart-phones, tablets or PC's it is vital to have an online presence to be ahead of your competition. I will help to design you a 'home on the web' that is modern, gives a good user experience, informs your customers of who you are, what you do and helps to grow your business.

Social Media

What makes social media marketing so unique is the opportunity it gives you to talk to your customers one-on-one. I’ll help you build up an online community with your audience by regularly releasing interesting posts designed to get them talking. From company announcements to industry news or just things to make them laugh, we pay attention to what gets the best reaction. One of the best things about social media is that we’re putting you in touch with real people – people who have a genuine interest in what you do with the potential to become paying customers. We do this by researching your competitors and reading user profiles to find and follow the people who are most suitable for your business offering.

Digital marketing

Whether it’s through online advertising, SEO (search engine optimization) or social media, we can deliver your message to wider audience. Having a website is all well and good but to ensure that it is working for you, it is essential to make sure that potential customers can find it. We not only register your website with search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing but we also optimise the content of the site to ensure that it is rich with information and keywords that encourage search engines to prioritise your site in their listings and help to drive traffic to your website.

Graphic design

Having a unique brand, logo or image is imperative to help you stand out from the crowd and be recognised easily. We can help with that by designing graphics for your website, a new corporate design or simply designing new business cards and letterheads which will give you added class and professionalism. We can outsource to experts in graphic design which means that we can get targeted professionals and then you only pay for the work that you need rather than paying for a graphic designer's salary!

How I work.

1 After your initial contact, I will endeavour to meet you in person, either at your work or our office. Initially, I will listen to your ideas and find out what it is that you actually want to achieve, whether it is simply to produce an online advert for your business or services or to create a fully featured ecommerce website from where you can sell your products online.

2 I work with you over the design and layout of your website to ensure that you are happy that it fits in with your company's colours and logos. A website is useless without rich content and I will consult with you on the text, images and videos and other content that you choose to add to ensure that the information is current, accurate and relevant.

3 Once the website is completed to your satisfaction, it is then submitted to search engines and optimised in order that it reaches high on the search listings. I will also discuss with you other methods of promotion such as social media and online promotion which will also help to elevate your standing in the search engine rankings and promote you to a wider potential customer base.

The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.
The future of advertising is the Internet

-Bill Gates