Poodles-n-doodles website and social media design

Poodles-n-doodles – Cockapoo puppy breeders

Sarah-Jane is a hobby breeder of Cockapoo puppies. She wanted a way to interact with potential customers both in terms of a website plus a social media platform. After consulting with Sarah-Jane, we ascertained that she wanted to achieve a number of things:

  • Display photos of her dogs and puppies
  • Inform prospective puppy owners about the whole process
  • Provide a way for people to get in touch with her
  • Allow her to update owners both new and old of news and information
  • Create a community whereby owners can share photos, stories and chat about their pups

We met all of these requirements by creating a website for her that allowed her to display lots of photos, all grouped into relevant sections, implement a mailing list, provide detailed information on the site and to create for her a Facebook page for her clients to interact with her and each other. This website generates on average 2-3 enquiries per week from people looking to adopt a Cockapoo puppy.


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