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Craig runs a family decorating business in Brixham and having had the company passed down through generations, he wanted to have a new website designed and built, along with our full SEO service to increase his company’s profile online on both the internet and social media sites such as Facebook and Google+.

Craig was already used to photographing before and after shots of the work that he had completed previously, so it was important that we added a gallery to his new website alongside details of the training, qualifications and association memberships that the company held in order to give confidence to any new prospective customers.

CHB Painting & Decorating’s website is innovative and interactive too in that not only can his customers old and new get in touch through his contact page, but they can also leave a testimonial directly on the website in order that future customers can see what a good job he does.

As someone who is fairly computer savvy, Craig understood that he was in a crowded market and that he needed our website to stand out and be seen by his customers by appearing high up on the search results of search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!. Therefore, he has opted for our additional website maintenance plan which means that we will continue to work on our SEO strategy throughout the year and will regularly update the website to keep the content rich and up to date.

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