Jacqui's Handywoman Service website design

Jacqui’s Handywoman Service

Jacqui contacted us for help as she had started her new business a few years ago and after a healthy start, she was looking for a way to not only grow her business, but to get a professional looking website and social media profiles in order that she could interact with her clients and to demonstrate the quality and variety of work that she does.

After an initial consultation to discuss the project, we agreed on the layout, design, colour scheme and content. We needed to show all of the services that Jacqui offers such as plumbing, tiling of kitchens and bathrooms, gardening and also painting and decorating. As part of the design, Jacqui wanted a way to show off some of her previous work so that prospective customers would see the level of quality that she achieves. It was also imperative that customers could contact her via the contact us page or through her Facebook page, of which a snippet of the page was shown at the bottom of her website.

We then went about creating a very colourful, informative and creative design that Jacqui was very pleased with.

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