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Whether you are a manufacturer, reseller, drop-shipper, affilliate, selling to businesses or members of the public, if you are looking for an online store or ecommerce platform, I am here to help.

Ecommerce websites

Your home on the web!

More businesses are selling online than ever, with most high street retailers and brands selling directly from their websites. Selling online is also a lot cheaper than renting a high street shop in terms of the costs involved with actually having a retail outlet. Overheads are generally lower and most small business owners can start selling from the comfort of their own home!

Whether you are looking for a brochure style site, a business layout, a members-only club site, an online shop to sell your products or services or simply a place to show off your work – I am here to help.

Website design

Looking good!

The website design is as crucial as the products or services that you sell. A visitor to your website is not going to stay long if it is not easy to navigate, doesn’t have the options that they are looking for or if it simply looks unnappealing.

It also needs to look good and work on all devices from desktop PC’s, to tablets and mobile phones. I will work with you to create a professional looking, functional and appealing store that is great to use and will ensure customers will keep coming back.

Products galore!

The detail in the retail!

Whether you are selling physical products, digital downloads, e-books, music, gig tickets or memberships, it is important to get the details right.

With information that you provide, I will create the online store and populate it with your products, making sure to include all options in terms of size, colour, date, quantity etc.

Images are also important if you are selling products that require customers to make a decision based on what the item looks like. Zoomable high resolution images can help your customers to see the quality and the detail of your products.

Types of products

Lots to choose from

There are many types of products to choose to sell. Here is a list of just some that you might be considering:

1Physical products

Things like Clothes, bikes, jewellery, etc. This can include items that have variations in colour, size, weight, quantity etc., Ultimately though these items need to be sent to the customer after purchase.

2Digital Downloads

Following a purchase, customers are provided with a link to download items such as Software, Music, E-books, Training courses, Photographs, graphics or videos.


Maybe you have a club website that is only available for paid members. To become a member, visitors would need to pay the subscription and this would need to be managed to ensure successful renewal.

3Valuable documents

From train tickets, to addmission into gigs or theatre shows, these items still require some level of product selection and personalisation, but potentially still need to be physically sent to the customer.

Payment processors

Getting paid!

One of the more complex aspects to designing ecommerce websites is ensuring that the software behind your website connects smoothly to your payment provider and ultimately your bank.

My websites link effortlessly with various payment gateways such as Paypal. Stripe, Sagepay, Worldpay and more…


Protecting you, your business and your customers

Trading online, it is essential that businesses prioritise the security of their website, their business and of their customers. From the collection of customer data, taking payments and being GDPR compliant, it is also important to ensure that your website is safe and secure from being hacked or from your server failing and the site going down.

To ensure this never happens, I only use fast, secure hosting, take regular backups and take the hassle out of creating privacy policies and terms and conditions.

Shipping, delivery & returns

A sale is not a sale until it is delivered...

Once your customers have selected their product, if it is a physical item they are purchasing, they will need to select a delivery method. This might be a selectable option, such as first class, second class or courier etc and the cost of the carriage might need to be calculated, based upon the item weight, size etc.

My website design will have all of this built in, so that you do not have to do any unneccesary processing. 

Should your customers also require a refund or return, then this is also taken care of from within the website,