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From catalogue sites, brochure sites and online shops

From simple websites displaying your company details to fully interactive portals for your company, products and services. My designs are eye-catching, easy to use and are fully customisable. Not only that, they are fully responsive so they look good on mobile or desktop devices.

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If you run a business it is essential in this digital age to have an online presence. This includes both a website and social media accounts. With people searching and browsing the internet more and more on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, the internet is the place for your business to get found and for you to build a community around your business and create brand loyalty.

Whether you are looking for a brochure style site, a business layout, a members-only club site, an online shop to sell your products or services or simply a place to show off your work – I am the here to help.

Responsive layouts

Looking good!

With most people having smart phones and mobile devices, it is even more important these days to ensure that your website looks good on all types of screen, whether that is desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

On top of that, search engines such as Google now prioritise websites that are designed for mobile devices to reflect this trend. They actively penalise websites that are only designed to look good on large screens.

I build all of my customer’s sites with responsive layouts meaning that they look good in all formats. Users will simply not spend time on a website that doesn’t give the information that they need in a clear way, so this is critically important.

Web hosting

Safe, secure, fast

Web hosting is critical when considering a new website as it is where your new website is stored and accessed when people look for your site. With more and more websites becoming packed full of information and rich with content such as videos and photographs, it is important that it loads quickly so visitors don’t get bored waiting.

I have used a lot of web hosting companies over the years and now only use ones which provide super fast connections to the internet. I use Google Cloud hosting as Google is known for maintaining one of the fastest and best connected networks.

Engaging content

Content that will make your visitors want to

I want your website to convey exactly the right message and in an engaging way. Visitors want to find information and quickly, so the content of your site needs to be easily navigated.

You know your business better than anyone, so I will work with you to create a website that tells your potential customers exactly who you are, what you offer and why they should choose you…

The more rich content that we can add to your website, they more highly it will be regarded by search engines too. This will have a positive effect on your position in their search listings.

Search Engine Optimisation

Fast loading websites attract more visitors

Designing an amazing website is no good if people cannot find it through search engines like Google. At every step of the design process, I ensure that your website is optimised so that search engines can find it and analyse the information within it.

Content and accessibily are also very important, as is being responsive to being viewed on different devices. This comes as standard with all of my website designs.

I also offer various other ways to get your website found, through submission to search engines, map listings and business listings such as Google MyBusiness.

Social media also plays an important part in getting your business found and I have a number of ways in which I can help to create or develop your social media profile.


Protecting you, your business and your customers

In many cases, a website is the first place that a prospective customer will look when researching and if your website is unavailable or worse, if it has been hacked, then it can have a very negative effect on your business and reputation.

I take daily back-ups of all of the websites that I manage, as should the worst happen as they can be recovered quickly. SSL certificates are also included as standard on all of my websites. This gives the little padlock symbol in the corner of the search bar on browsers and tells your customers that your website is safe and secure for them to use.

GDPR Compliance

What is GDPR?

GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation is how businesses process, store and handle information. Since 2018, it has been a legal requirement to provide clear evidence that companies abide by the directive set out by the EU Parliament and EU Council to protect the personal information of individuals.

In terms of your website, it is now a requirement to provide clear Privacy notices so that visitors know exactly how their personal data and browsing habbits are used. I will assist in providing guidance on how best to set out your own Privacy Policy in such a way that it complies with the regulations to keep you and your customers safe.

Web consultancy

How I work

I am passionate about creating websites and I enjoy the relationships that working with small businesses brings. I work very much on a one-to-one basis with my customers and working together gives a much better result. Here is a brief description of what to expect:

1After your initial contact, I will endeavour to meet you in person, either at your work or our office. Initially, I will listen to your ideas and find out what it is that you actually want to achieve, whether it is simply to produce an online advert for your business or services or to create a fully featured ecommerce website from where you can sell your products online.

2I work with you over the design and layout of your website to ensure that you are happy that it fits in with your company’s colours and logos. A website is useless without rich content and I will consult with you on the text, images and videos and other content that you choose to add to ensure that the information is current, accurate and relevant.

3Once the website is completed to your satisfaction, it is then submitted to search engines and optimised in order that it reaches high on the search listings. I will also discuss with you other methods of promotion such as social media and online promotion which will also help to elevate your standing in the search engine rankings and promote you to a wider potential customer base.