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Building an audience and brand loyalty

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and having a great looking website is not enough these days. With over 1.5 billion websites on the internet, getting your business found relies on more than search engine listings:

Social media marketing

Essential in today's crowded marketplace

Social media marketing should form part of any company’s marketing strategy these days. It is an essential way of reaching out to your existing and potential customers, keeping them up to date with offers, news or new products and creating loyalty to your brand.

Social media marketing is also an important way to drive visitors to your website which is ultimately where they will be able to make purchases. Having social media profiles also increases your rankings with the various search engines as companies like Google treat social media as important as any other off-site marketing.

Choosing a social media platform

So many to choose from

With so many social media platforms online today and so many people having personal social media accounts, it is important to choose the right platform. From Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, there is a plethora of choice and making the right choice is crucial.

Depending upon your business model and the way you promote your products and services, the choice you make could be important in order to target the right audience. It might be that you need to advertise on more than one social media platform. For example, you could use your local business pages on Facebook to promote your business page or website but also target b2b customers via LinkedIn. Youtube is also a great way of showing your company or products off, perhaps by creating an advert or demonstration of your product, or showcasing previous projects.

Creating your profile

Attention to detail

Along with a website, social media accounts have to be optimised to maximise the way that potential customers interact. For example adding lots of ways that people can get in touch with you, or ensuring that you are properly promoting your products or services, not just your company.

Establishing details such as your address, the areas in which you trade, services or products for sale are crucial to create a profile that is effective.

It is also important to analyse your profiles to see how much traffic it is getting and to adjust your strategy if necessary.

Eye-catching design

Standing out from the crowd

Grabbing peoples attention to your social media is important and they do say that you only get one chance to make a first impression! With eye catching graphics and logo designs, I know that I can ensure that your social media stands out from the crowd.

Take a look at some of our most recent designs to see for yourself how they create impact!

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Promoting your products / services

Selling your brand and your products

Social media provides a cost-effective way of getting direct access to millions of other users who may be looking for your products or services. Therefore promoting on these platforms seems like a no-brainer!

However, with lots of competition, it is equally important that we leverage the latest trends and techniques to promote your products and services in a consistent and creative way.

Creating engaging content

Keeping followers hooked

Having a dormant social media account is not going to promote followers or drive traffic to your websites where you can easily convert them to customers. Therefore, it is vital that regular updates are posted to ensure that you remain in the minds of those who follow you.

On top of that, engaging content will encourage your audience to interact, communicate and ultimately create more of a community for your brand. I can help you to manage your accounts to help grow your followers and your business.

Growing your audience

Sharing is caring!

By creating engaging content, posting regularly and interacting with your followers on social media, not only do you help to create a trusted brand, but your followers will be more inclined to ‘share’ your content with their own network of friends and as such naturally your social presence will grow.

The more impactful your content is, the greater chance you have of your posts going ‘viral’ which means that hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of people will be encouraged to share and spread the word, creating a buzz around your brand!